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CustomLure Online, we are passionate anglers dedicated to providing the fishing community with a diverse and meticulously curated selection of DIY lure making essentials.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the exceptional quality and affordability of our products, which range from finely crafted unpainted lure bodies to vibrant 3D lure eyes, robust fishing hooks, and sturdy split rings, all complemented by precision-cut lure stencils.

Thank you for choosing CustomLure Online. Here’s to tight lines and the tales of the ones that won’t get away! Enjoy fishing with gear you can trust, made by anglers for anglers.

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all 3D fishing lure eyes

Ojos de señuelo 3D

Ofrecemos una amplia gama de ojos de señuelo 3D de diferentes tamaños y colores para señuelos de pesca de plástico duro, y también se pueden usar en otros señuelos, como señuelos de plomo.

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2D fishing lure eyes

2D Lure Eyes

We provide wide range of 2D lure eyes of different sizes and colors for hard plastic fishing lures, also they can be used on other lures such as lead lures.

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fishing lure blanks

Señuelos en blanco sin pintar

Puede encontrar todo tipo de señuelos en blanco sin pintar para bricolaje, incluidos minnow, crank, popper, lápiz, swimbait, etc. Todos los espacios en blanco se producen con ABS original y acción perfecta.

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Fishing Lure Tape

Lure Tape

These premium fishing lure tape sheet allow you to dress up spoons, crankbaits or blades. These tapes come with their own glue on the back. Just peel off the back and stick it on.

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 fishing lure hooks


CustomLure Online ofrece varios tipos de anzuelos para señuelos de pesca, incluidos anzuelos triples, anzuelos de plantilla y anzuelos Spinnerbait.

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fishing lure accessories


Los accesorios para señuelos de pesca de bricolaje se agregarán continuamente a nuestro sitio web para que usted pueda elegir, síganos.

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