Guide to fishing lure eye

The Essential Guide to Fishing Lure Eyes: Functionality and Types

The Function of Fishing Lure Eyes

At first glance, the eyes on a fishing lure might seem like a minor aesthetic touch. But in the underwater world, these eyes can be the key to success. Predatory fish are hardwired to target prey that looks realistic, and the eyes can trigger an instinctual response. In murky waters, the shine or holographic design of a fishing lure eye can catch the limited light available, drawing attention and enticing an attack.

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Types of Fishing Lure Eyes

The market is full of options when it comes to fishing lure eyes, each with its own advantages.

Types of fishing lure

Flat stick-on eyes

Flat stick-on eyes are the simplest to use and can be quite effective in a pinch. They come in various colors and sizes and can be easily applied to any lure.

3D holographic eyes

For a more lifelike appearance, 3D holographic eyes give your lure an edge with their added depth and reflection.

Hand-painted or custom-designed eyes

Then there are hand-painted or custom-designed eyes that can be tailored to match the local prey in your fishing spot perfectly.


How to Choose the Right Fishing Lure Eye

Choosing the right eye for your fishing lure is about understanding the conditions and the fish you’re targeting. If you’re after bass in clear water, you might opt for smaller, more natural-colored eyes. In contrast, fishing for pike in stained waters could call for larger, more reflective eyes. The key is to mimic the natural prey of the fish as closely as possible.

 Choose the right fishing lure eye

Tips for Attaching and Customizing Your Lure Eyes

Attaching stick-on eyes is a breeze. Clean the surface of the lure where the eye will go, peel the backing off the eye, and press it firmly in place. For 3D eyes, a drop of waterproof glue can ensure they stay put even after repeated use. And don’t be afraid to get creative—mixing up colors and sizes could yield surprisingly positive results.

Put eye on fishing lure


In summary, the right fishing lure eye can make a significant impact on your angling success. By understanding the function, choosing the right type, and learning how to properly attach and customize your lure eyes, you’ll be well on your way to reeling in the big ones. So next time you’re rigging your tackle, give the eyes of your lure the attention they deserve—it might just be the detail that fills your net. 

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